Aims and Constitutions

The constitution of the PPA, setting out is rules and objects, is currently undergoing revision. The rulebook was first adopted in 1882 and has been revised several times since. The age of social media demands that it be revised again. A new version will be posted on this site as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we can summarise the constitution as follows:

  1. The PPA exists to form a bond between members, to perpetuate the connection between the College and former students and to support the College and existing students.
  2. Every former student of the College is eligible for membership.
  3. Honorary membership is extended to current members of the College staff room. A former member of staff sits on the committee at the invitation of the president.
  4. The president holds office for an initial term of four years and is eligible for re-election for a further term of four years.
  5. The work of the PPA is directed by its committee, which meets once a term. The committee is chaired by the PPA president, who also supervises the work of the PPA between meetings.
  6. The committee is responsible for the financial management of the PPA, with an annual budget approved at the AGM.