Prayer Corner

Prior Park College run a Prayer group and they welcome submissions from the Prior community, you may need some focused thought if you are having a tough time, a relative may be very ill and would appreciate a prayer being said for them and sadly they can be called upon for when you lose someone.

We will only publish these with the permission of the family.

You can subscribe to this page and therefore be automatically notified if a new prayer has been requested. You can also add your own memories, a funny story, an old habit that used to drive you nuts but was so typical of the person - they will be added to the specific prayer. These anecdotes can often help the family and strengthen the positive thoughts going to people in need of your support and care.

Please never hesitate in contacting me for further guidance and help with this page.

Subscribe and stay in touch

We can let you know when people need your thoughts and prayers. Please give us your details below and we’ll inform you whenever a new request for prayers is uploaded