History of The Paragon Junior School

The history of the building which is now The Paragon School has not easily been established. The history detailed here is largely "surmised" from existing records and is open to interpretation..

Charles Milsom who had leased the land commissioned John Wood to design a "Duodecastyle Edifice" to protect the mineral springs that had been found in 1737 and add a focal point for all those paying visitors he hoped would come flocking to Lyncombe in the summer months as an alternative to the Hot Springs in central Bath.

John Hicks and William Hillary built the basis of the present house but it changed hands quite a bit over the years.

The building then went on to house four schools in as many decades - quite a feat. From 1952 The Convent School only used the main house. The other building remained largely derelict and the grounds were overgrown. When this school closed they sold the building to Grosvernor High School. This became Lyncombe House School under a change of management. Finally The Paragon bought the building in 1983 the merged the two schools.

The Paragon School's origins lie in an educational gymnasium started in 1911 at No. 12 The Paragon. This lovely Georgian terraced house in the centre of Bath became too small and an appeal was launched to enable the Trustees to buy Lyncombe House School.

1691 The Hicks family acquired the land 'an orchard with medicinal qualities'
1737 Charles Milsom (of Milsom Street fame) leases the land and discovers mineral springs in clearing the fishpond
1742 John Hicks and William Hillary build basis of present house. Hilary publishes an inquiry into the contents and medicinal virtues of Lyncombe spa water
1794 A Doctor Moodie has ownership
1807 Purchased by Jones family
1810 House is advertised to be let
1857 House purchased by the Moger family (relatives of local firm of solicitors)
1952 House was purchased by La Sainte Union Convent School
1983 The Paragon bought the school and merged the two previous schools; Grosvenor High and Lyncombe House which had operated there after the Convent school
2006 The Paragon became part of the Prior Foundation