Heads of The Paragon Junior School

We are only covering the time since the birth of the modern day Paragon. Records of previous Head's are unclear in what was four former schools in as many decades. For a building to house that many was quite a feat. However really it was only three different schools as for one it was merely a name change.

La Sainte Union Convent School was quite a small school. When they decided to close its Prep Department the building was sold to Grosvenor High School who also brought in their own junior school. Under a change of management this school became known as Lyncombe House School and finally The Paragon name arrived in 1983 when they bought the building and merged the two schools.

1983-1996 Mrs Maureen Trimby
1996-2006 Mr David Martin
2006-2012 Mr Titus Mills
2012-2020 Mr Andrew Harvey
2020- Mrs Rosie Allen