Headmasters of Prior Park Preparatory School

At the inception in 1946 of Prior Park Preparatory School, the management of the school was administered by the Congregation of Christian Brothers. This lasted until 1981 when the school like Prior Park College was taken over by a lay administration.

Administered by the Congregation of Christian Brothers

1946-1947 Rev Br P D O'Connell
1947-1953 Rev Br J C Hayes
1953-1959 Rev Br J C Daly
1959-1966 Rev Br T P Davis
1966-1969 Rev Br J F Kelly
1969-1975 Rev Br T J Earlie
1975-1978 Rev Br J J Melia
1978-1981 Rev Br H A Grice
Administered by Prior Park College Trustees Limited
1981-1994 Mr J E Bogie
1994-2010 Mr G B Hobern
From 2010 -2017 Mr M A Pearce