Headmasters of Prior Park College

Since it's inception as a College there have been a number of Presidents and latterly Headmasters at Prior Park. The following list in chronological order details all those who have played a part in shaping Prior Park College both in the past, the present and will continue to do so in the future.

Bishop Peter Augustine Baines purchased the Prior Park buildings and estate in 1829 and Prior Park College opened in May 1830.

From To
1830 1830 Rev T L Burgess
1830 1849 Rev Dr Brindle
1849 1856 Rev Dr T Rooker
1856 Prior Park College closed and the effects were auctioned off.
1867 Prior Park College was reopened by Bishop William Clifford with staff and pupils from The Bristol Catholic Grammar School.
1867 1891 Monsignor Edward Williams
1892 1895 Monsignor James Williams
1895 1898 Rev Br A Swan
1898 1902 Rev Br J J Strahan
1902 The Christian Brothers left Prior Park College and the school was run by the Clifton Diocese.
1902 1904 Monsignor Edmond Nolan
1904 Prior Park College closed at the end of the Lent term.
WW1 The College buildings were requisitioned by the War Office.
1919 The Home Office established the Cannington Industrial Reform School.
1921 The Christian Brothers were invited to return and purchased the Prior Park Estate from the Diocesan authorities.
1924 Boarding pupils and some staff transferred from St Brendan's College, Bristol and Prior re-opened.
1924 1930 Rev Br J S Roche
1930 1936 Rev Br W D Forde, BA
1936 1942 Rev Br E B Doyle
1942 1948 Rev Br J S Roche
1948 1954 Rev Br J G Robinson
1954 1958 Rev Br P C Curran
1958 1962 Rev Br R B Beattie
1962 1963 Rev Br M G Dalton
1963 1969 Rev Br J P Hooper, MA
1969 1972 Rev Br J J Cowley, BA
1972 1978 Rev M P Power, BSc
1978 1981 Rev Br M G Miller, MA
1981 The Christian Brothers left Prior Park and a new lay administration was established.
1981 1989 Mr Patrick F J Tobin, MA
1989 1996 Mr Jeremy W R Goulding, MA
1996 2009 Dr Giles Mercer, KSG, MA, FRSA
2009 2019 Mr James Murphy-O'Connor, MA
2019 Mr Ben Horan, MA