Professor Julian Roberts addresses Academic Society

Academic Scholars Lecture- Crime and Punishment in England and Wales

Professor Julian Roberts (class of 1968) returned to the College last night to give a fascinating lecture on Sentencing in England and Wales.

With some excellent audience participation, Prof Roberts explained the purpose and values of sentencing, which come from Judeo-Christian values: Be slow to judge others; emphasise rehabilitation over punishment; punish the crime not the person, etc. He also asked students to think about aggravating and mitigating factors.

Highlighting two well known cases - Trenton Oldfield, who halted the 2012 boat race by jumping in the river to protest over 'elitism' and Jordan Blackshaw, who posted messages on Facebook inciting other people to riot in their home town - Prof Roberts allowed students to debate what sentences were appropriate. Prof Roberts then offered another case regarding a young mother to three children, involved in a family business which had avoided paying £70,000 in tax to save for an extravagant wedding - what sentence did she deserve based on her aggravating and mitigating factors? Students asked searching questions and offered intelligent solutions.

Our thanks to Prof Roberts for his insightful and inspiring lecture.

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